Air Duct Cleaning in Newport Beach, California, for heavily settles dust.

Although air duct cleaning is a service that is often neglected, it is a key factor.  The air duct system detemines that level of cleanliness of your home. In this air duct cleaning service in Newport Beach, we were scheduled for for air duct cleaning after the house was just purchased. So, we came in first in order to assess the situation. Then, we discovered the main return was extremely dusty and filthy. In addition, we went in the air ducts with our camera and we saw the condition was very similar to the main return (which makes sense).Nevertheless, when the air duct system including the main return is very dusty, we also make sure to check the HVAC unit condition. After we checked everything we got the green light for the customer that approved a complete restoration work for the system. This air duct cleaning in Newport Beach had taken us almost an entire day. However, the results were spactacular and the customer is happy.That is truly we are looking for, happy customers with clean air ducts.

Full service air duct cleaning in Newport Beach, California.

Due to the level of dirt in this home we had to bring in the heavy tools. That means we used our combo rotating brush with strong agitation, and negative air machine that creates a pressured environment in the vent. That ultimately helps lift up all the dust and dirt and clear it out of the way. Now, just before the cold days of winter start in Newport Beach, is the best time to clean your air ducts. Once you will turn on the furnace, you will be able to tell the difference immediately.For more information about our air duct cleaning in Newport Beach, California, please contact Dr. Carpet Newport Beach