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Earlier this week we were ble to book a next day boat cleaning in Newport Beach. However, when we arrived to the job the customer has aske if we could also clean his home. The customer told us that he his expecting company and needs last minute help with the boat and this home. Of course we replied that we will take care of the carpet cleaning in the home as well. Our flexbility and will to accomodate our customers makes us the best carpet cleaners in Corona Del Mar. After we were done with the boat cleaning we headed back up to his home in Corona Del Mar to clean the carpet there.So, within 4 hours we were able to help our customer get ready for his company for the Newport Beach Boat Parade and for the party he was planning to throw right after.

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As we came into the customer’s home he of course asked us how did the boat carpet cleaning go? Well, we said that it went great. In addition, we will share the boat carpet cleaning storty in another article. But we did show him some before and after pictures and he got excited. Then we took the tour around the house in order to see all the troubled areas on the carpet and decide on the proper treatment. Well, the customer has sever cat urineand throw up stains in the living room on a white carpet. Then from the entrance into the kitchen there was a heavy foot traffic lane that need special attention. Luckily we were able to remove all the stain using our potent carpet cleaning formula.By using a good mixture of enzymatic fighter, we removed the cat urine and throw up stain and also the foot traffic disappeared. That is really thanks to the high grade carpet. However, you know that whebn you call us your get the true professional carpet cleaners in Corona Del Mar you were looking for.To book your appointment with the best carpet cleaners in Corona Del Mar, please contact Dr. Carpet Newport Beach